9 key trends for social media in 2024

Successful social media marketing is largely about creating engaging content. Equally important is having a good strategy and content plan, leveraging the platform’s many features, and building a credible bond with your followers. And then you need to jump on trends that will be popular in the future – so here are the big ones for 2024!

By: Chili Media

Figures from Statistics Norway show that as many as 88 % of Norwegians between the ages of 16-79 actively use social media. This is an increase of 8 % over the past five years.

Women over the age of 55 account for the largest part of the increase, and while the youngest remained at a stable, high level from 2017 to 2022, the increase in the age group 65-74 years was as much as 25 %. Today, over 90 % of the population follows a brand on social media, while figures show that as many as 76 % have bought a product via social media.

With social media’s solid position in today’s society, brands need to think even more about their presence on social media channels, and how to reach existing and new potential followers and customers.

Here are some great tips and insighst into upcoming trends.

Reusing and rating content

Ask yourself the following questions about the content you share on social media:

  • How entertaining is the content you’re posting?
  • How much knowledge do you convey through your channel?
  • How much inspiration do you give your followers?
  • How relatable is your content?

You can learn a lot from previous posts, and also upcoming posts! Which posts have gone well in your channels? How about replicating these? Reusing good posts saves you time, and you already know that your content will engage multiple followers.

Having a good content strategy also ensures a consistent flow in everything you share, and will make it easier for you to produce content. That’s why it’s important to have a good plan for your content, and WHAT kind of content you share.

Today, over 90 % of the population follows a brand on social media, while figures show that as many as 76 % have bought a product via social media.

Content distribution

Even if your goal is to generate sales, you need to give your followers content that not only triggers sales, but also inspires and engages them. This is your ticket to loyal followers, as it gives them more reason to follow you. The conversions will also come more naturally, as the bond between your brand and your followers/customers will be more credible.

So take a good look at your content and make sure that the percentage looks something like this:

  • 50 % captivating content – draw attention through text, a short video or an image with a WOW factor!
  • 30 % engaging content – educate your followers and identify with your target audience; What does the target audience benefit from? What is your target audience interested in?
  • 20 % conversion content – what’s in your store right now? What do your customers need now? Which items, if any, are on sale?

Remember – this split may not work for everyone, but it’s worth thinking about the content you create and which category it falls into.

Quality over quantity

Continuous posting has long been a focus of multiple companies and brands. This is because of the social media algorithms, but also search engine optimisation.

However, not all brands have the same amount of time to follow up on their social media channels, which in turn affects content production and the company’s presence. Focusing on good, high-quality content is therefore more important than continuously producing content. Put your efforts into fewer but good posts, rather than getting hung up on quantity.

Reusing previous posts can save you a lot of work.

Video trumps images

If you haven’t used video in your marketing strategy yet, get on the video bandwagon as fast as you can. A whopping 90 % of today’s consumers believe that video on social media helps them make decisions at the moment of purchase. This is especially true of reels on Instagram and videos on Tiktok, and videos have therefore become an important element in many companies’ content strategy.

Your videos don’t have to be long – think short and sweet, make sure you have a good hook at the start of your video and that your video os easy to share. Other useful videos include “how to” videos, videos offering advice, tips, tricks, introductory videos about products/services, behind the scenes videos, and interviews. The goal of the video is to evoke emotions in the viewers, and maybe even get the viewer to make a decision there and then. A good story is always better when told on video, and if you make videos that your followers can relate to, your brand will gain credibility. A good video that doesn’t seem like an advert will also sell more, and your followers will engage more with your content. Remember – text on video is important, as not everyone has audio when watching a video.

Cross-posting – how to reach more people on Instagram

Cross-posting means that you as a brand collaborate on a post with another Instagram profile, be it another brand or another person with great influence in your field. When you collaborate on the post, the same post will end up on both of your profiles, ergo you will reach more people. You can collaborate with up to two other profiles, but remember to think carefully about who you choose to go with. The person/brand should have a profile that matches the brand, and the post should be adapted to both your profiles.

Give your followers content that’s more than just sale-generating. Creating a closer relationship between you and your followers is key, as they are your potential customers.

Broadcast channel – new feature

Talk directly to your followers through a broadcast channel. The channel acts as a separate communication channel between you and your followers where you can share tips, advice, behind-the-scenes content through text, images, video or voice messages.

Give them a reason to follow your channel by calling it something special like “Weekly tips, advice and hacks from XXX, not to be missed!” Promote your channel via stories on Instagram, website or bio. Only followers can join your channel, which means you can increase your following by promoting it on platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and newsletters.

And don’t forget to add an appealing text here too, such as: “Follow me and join my channel for EXCLUSIVE tips on..”

Analysis and insight work

To check your content is hitting the mark, be sure to set aside time for analysis and insight work. Which posts on Facebook/Instagram have gone well? Look at the engagement on the posts. Do any of them stand out?

Spend time analysing your content and recreating good content, and plan to create corresponding content in the future. Also, spend time on insights. Who are your followers? How old are they? When are they active on social media? Then you’ll know the best time to post and on which channel. Once you get to know them, you also get better at creating good, customised content.

Learn from the best

Don’t copy, be inspired! If you follow a social media brand that you trust and think does a good job, look at the ways it inspires you, rather than simply copying it.

Look at posts, stories and highlights. How do they engage their followers? Which posts generate the most engagement? Remember to save good posts/reels so that you can retrieve them as inspiration when producing content for your channel.

Follow 3-5 accounts that inspire you so that you’re always on the ball with the latest trends and good posts to recreate.

Follow 3-5 accounts that inspire you so that you’re always on the ball with which trends to follow!

Instagram advertising and contests

Setting up ads will help you reach a larger audience and increase your visibility on social media. Based on demographics, interests and behaviours, you’ll be able to target your ads so that you hit the right people according to your desired goals.

Here you can also determine whether you want greater reach, more engagement or to increase your following. Another way to increase followers is by running competitions on an Instagram profile that has a larger following than you. For example, the criterion for participating in the competition may be that participants follow your company, allowing you to increase your following. 

But remember – once you have more followers, you need to follow all the tips listed here so that you eventually turn them into new customers!

Best of luck!