A positive change

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Fashion to every corner of Norway

With a turnover of NOK 98 million, this Norwegian brand has taken Europe by storm

A complete guide to essential accessories

Speed dating leads to long-term relationships

Saving lots of time with GoFact

How much are international trends matching up to the trends we’re seeing in the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets?

Upcoming trends for women: Here’s what the trends look like in the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets

The clothes store that grew from home

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Subjective truths

A look at the latest trends from the international fashion shows and fashion weeks

Dressed for success

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There are many reasons to be smiling right now

Don’t be a world champion – we’ve got enough of those

5 tendenser for herre – høst og vinter 2024/2025

5 trends for men – autumn and winter 2024/2025

Trender for dame - høst og vinter 2024/2025

5 trends for women – autumn and winter 2024/2025

Don’t invite your shop to your Christmas dinner

Location, location, location

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Create buyer desire!

We need plenty of headroom

9 key trends for social media in 2024

Jam-packed theme day

RAH Oslo - from casual chat to million-kroner business

Step up involvement!

Style interview with Andrea Sveinsdottir: “Norwegians don’t make an effort to dress well in everyday life”

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Totally crazy!

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Self-confidence never goes out of fashion

Be bold, make a commitment and try!

Women's fashion – how to dress for your body type

5 trends for men - spring and summer 2024

Trend tendens mote vår/sommer 2024 Texcon

5 trends for women - spring and summer 2024

Positive growing pains

From wadmal to Burberry

Having the courage to let go

Male fashion profiles you should follow on Instagram

A five - Year Journey of Unity

Meyer impresses

One of the best-in-class at sustainable fashion

A Blend of Intuition and Luck

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