Saving lots of time with GoFact

“The transition to GoFact has gone perfectly smoothly, and now I’m saving lots of time,” says Henrik Hetland.

After lots of work from GoFact and Texcon, the new masterdata system is now functioning extremely well. It contains data from 75 suppliers.

Others have done the job for you

Henrik Hetland, who runs Endre in Egersund, says the transition to GoFact did not require that much effort as they already had a routine for using the original bar codes.

“You’ve actually got three choices. You can enter everything manually. And that’s what we used to do. You can sit transferring Excel files or you can use GoFact. Then everything happens all on its own. The transfer to GoFact has gone perfectly smoothly, and now I’m saving lots of time. It used to take me half an hour to deal with a delivery. Now it takes a couple of minutes. To put it another way: I don’t have to do the ‘rotten job’ anymore. Texcon and GoFact have already done it for you. And you don’t actually have to learn anything new.” 

“And you don’t actually have to learn anything new.” 

Henrik Hetland


Wenche Ydstebø, who runs the Ztil stores in Stavanger, is really happy with how the implementation of GoFact has delivered efficiency to the business.

“Before, I had to juggle Excel sheets and manual entries. It often used to take an entire working day to enter data for our new collections. Now it’s all done automatically. With 25 suppliers, four purchase periods and one and a half hours per file, I save over 100 hours a year. That’s time I can now use on generating sales. That’s down to us at the cash desk. And it’s all about looking up from the screen and giving your attention to the customer,” she says.

Easy transition

Kristine Andersen at Texcon has been working with GoFact for some time now and can recall nothing but positive feedback from Texcon members who use the system.

“And it doesn’t actually mean having to learn anything new. In practice, you just have to call me and say I want to give it a try. Then you get a demo from GoFact just to see how it works. After that you just have to say that you want the data transferred directly, whether it’s from DK Company or Bestseller, for example. Then they sort that out and it starts straight away.”

“In practice, you just have to call me and say I want to give it a try.”

Kristine Andersen

Better overview

GoFact also provides new insights into best-selling goods and recommendations as to which products to focus on. You also get to see which products are not performing well.

“It’s quite obviously a valuable tool. You get a better overview; structure in the POS system. If you enter your goods manually, it’s actually quite demanding to maintain the structure. You might, for example, write navy blue with a small n one time and then with a capital N the next time. Then you end up with a list that’s very long. And – not least – with a better structure, you get better reports back.

Entry to the digital market

In a world dominated by search and online shopping, precise product data is no longer a luxury but a necessity. You use the original data, which is also approved by Google.

“This is so important for Texcon. We have to make sure we’re part of the digital journey. It’s all about development for the future. We’ve already come a long, long way, and that’s because we have such close cooperation,” says Kristine Andersen.

Dependent on the suppliers

The data which is delivered through GoFact is the same that the suppliers provide. The fact that lots of Texcon members are now adopting the system will thus have a self-reinforcing effect. The more members that request good masterdata, the higher quality the suppliers will deliver. The system allows for automatic replenishment, and suppliers will therefore experience that the penetration of replenishment goods will increase.

“And one last thing,” adds Henrik Hetland, “is how important it is that everyone gets involved in this transition. Because when everyone’s up and running with this, it means that we in Texcon are in possession of valuable data that we can actually sell back to the suppliers – but that means everyone doing their share.”

“It’s all about being in on the journey, so that we can develop this product together,” Kristine Andersen concludes.