5 trends for men – autumn and winter 2024/2025

Concerns about our climate and how we exploit nature’s resources continue to dominate the fashion world. And fashion is also set to reflect our feelings of insecurity in worrying times. That said, men’s fashion is definitely in a fun, exploratory and creative era.

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New year, new opportunities – and new trends. As always in the fashion world, the new year kicks off with a series of international fashion weeks, focusing on upcoming collections, trends and street fashion.

A number of trends for AW24/25 are already predicted to become popular. Here are five worth noting for men.

Modern dandy

“Modern dandy” and “tailored grunge” are the bold terms dominating next season’s men’s autumn and winter fashion, highlighting that there’s still plenty of room to explore and play around in.

What makes a modern dandy? This term always brings to mind a stylish image of a modern man. “Dandies” can be traced all the way back to 1830s Paris, when men wore stylish outfits, used sophisticated words and pursued effortless hobbies. It was a style that received plenty of attention and mixed reactions. The poet Charles Beaudelaire himself believed that these men exalted their own aesthetics so much so that their style became a religion. The stylish dandies have continued to inspire through the generations and, once again, it’s time for their style to play a starring role in fashion.

The latest interpretation of the dandy aesthetic is less preppy and stiff, more colourful, edgy and bold. There’s no doubt that the modern man prefers to look casual but well-dressed.

Tailored grunge

Formal meets edgy in a stylish contrast. Why not offset a custom-made, luxury blazer or high-quality fabrics with a harder, edgy look? Perhaps this idea stems from the notion that inside all men is a modern dandy.

Where grunge previously had a reputation for being rather shabby and haphazard, now both fabrics and cuts from the trend have stolen the spotlight. This grunge variant has far from lost its edge and harsh look – but it has found a way to play nicely with contrasts in new and surprising ways.

A genuine quality blazer with masculine shoulders and a tailored cut, ideally styled with a vent for men, stands out so much more when paired with typical grunge elements such as piercings and solid rings, tattoos, torn fabric, rough prints and a somewhat unkempt and messy hairstyle.

Hung up on knitwear

Knitwear is predicted to be the big star of 2024. The reason for this is simple: having endured so much uncertainty in the world for so long, we need clothes and trends that feel reassuring and are made from high-quality materials that we can wrap ourselves in. Once again, fashion reveals what a big role it plays both in both our society and our lives.

Knitwear is making a big comeback in all its forms, but for men, it’s the cardigan that will be the must-have item. Preferably as part of a layered look, and it works just as well in an outfit that is preppy, sporty or biker. The cardigan adds an extra dimension to the outfit and allows for endless styling options. And if you are to believe the runway shows from the past year, it’s not the basic variants of the cardigan that are taking centre stage right now – it’s time to go all out on colours and patterns.

Colour party

Men’s fashion is far from modest at the moment. The post-pandemic wave of “fashion makes you happy” has slipped into a new and more colourful normal.

In 2024, the true gent seems to be opting for bright colours, whether he prefers a preppy, sporty or biker look. The notion that black is classic and chic – or safe – seems to be fading for both men and women. Catwalks have recently shown a wide range of colours, embracing both the bold, clear shades pastel hues and neon varieties.

Covered in denim

Denim is undoubtedly an eternal favourite, but is worth highlighting as it is enjoying quite a long-lasting fashion moment right now. This is probably thanks to the long-lasting trends of the 90s and 2000s, plus the fact that so many of us renewed our love of jeans after two years of pandemic when we were all living permanently in joggers and yoga pants.

Denim in all its forms, often double denim or denim in layers, has already been trending for several years. And there’s more to come. Both patched denim, cropped denim and coloured denim are appearing on the catwalks. Of the blue and more traditional varieties of denim, it’s the classic, denim blue hue that dominates, but here too we can clearly see that men’s fashion for 2024 is playful, exploratory and varied. Men are going to be enjoying plenty of free rein in 2024.