A Five – Year Journey of Unity

Recently, someone asked me about my time at Texcon. Surprisingly, I realized I’ve already clocked five years here. Time flies when you’re having a good time, and I am thoroughly enjoying my journey here. Several reasons contribute to my contentment, the prime one being Texcon’s fourth strategic focus: fostering social cohesion.

Cultivating Genuine Togetherness

Although many companies have taken steps to implement values centered around unity, mere words in an annual report stating “We support each other” lose their significance when fierce competition is the norm. Naming a meeting room “Unity” serves little purpose when the culture is steeped in fear. At Texcon, we embrace an authentic culture of togetherness, one of our significant strengths.

This spirit of unity spans many facets, but the most crucial one lies between our store owners. The interactions, dialogues, relationships, and friendships that independent store owners foster are invaluable. Such a sense of community acts as a catalyst for financial performance, innovation, and bargaining power.

The Power of Network Economics

In his 2006 book “The Wealth of Networks,” Harvard Professor Yochai Benkler emphasizes that value creation in the 21st century largely hinges on the ability to form and leverage networks. Texcon is a shining example of this. We encourage collaboration and social cohesion and have incorporated this as a cornerstone of our strategy. Nurturing social cohesion and unity is a potent driver for success.

Boosting Innovation and Problem-solving

The Texcon model promotes open and direct communication, inevitably encouraging innovation, learning, and improved decision-making. There are countless examples in Texcon of members calling, texting, meeting each other, and actively utilizing their network for improvement.

Enhancing Customer Service and Loyalty

Social togetherness and community involvement are not limited to how our members interact. I witness firsthand that our managers foster social interactions and unity among their teams.  As Petter Ekjord of 4Men stated in an interview last year, “The moment you enter a store, you feel the energy, whether it’s upbeat and if the staff enjoy each other’s company.” I notice a strong emphasis by our members on social interactions and team spirit, leading to higher job satisfaction, which in turn results in elevated customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Support and Advice in Uncertain Times

In times of rapid change and uncertainty, social networks can also be a crucial source of support and guidance. The ability of Texcon members to come together, share insights, explore opportunities, and find solutions to challenges can be critical in navigating this uncertainty.

Enhanced Bargaining Power

Right from the start, it was obvious for us to create a community to negotiate improved purchasing conditions, minimize costs, and augment margins. However, in Texcon, we’ve also extended our networking approach to incorporate suppliers. Companies that effectively integrate their suppliers into their value chain benefit from increased operational efficiency. When businesses and their suppliers share unique, specialized knowledge, it can provide both parties with a competitive advantage. This leads to improved understanding and cooperation, reducing transaction costs and risk. By building strong, trusting relationships with our suppliers, we can secure better trading conditions and improve our ability to handle future challenges.

Enjoy Your Summer

A third significant form of community at Texcon is that which exists between us at the head office and the members. We are incredibly grateful for our meaningful discussions about common challenges and opportunities. And right now, I would like to send greetings from everyone here at the office and wish you all a great summer.