A look at the latest trends from the international fashion shows and fashion weeks

The big fashion shows and fashion weeks are well underway, attracting a host of industry professionals, celebrities, designers, buyers and fashion profiles. We’ve taken a peek at the latest trends on and off the catwalk.

The new year is well underway, and so is the fashion calendar. We’ve taken a peek at the latest trends at some of the biggest fashion fairs and fashion weeks around, such as Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, Copenhagen Fashion Week, Itma in Milan and Paris Fashion Week. As always, there is a flurry of fresh fashion and inspiration to pick up, and several clear trends are emerging both on the runway and in the street fashion scene.

Three key trends for men

A day in the outdoors

Photo: Hypebeast

One of the big trends standing out in men’s fashion this season is about giving practical garments and outerwear the starring role in an outfit.

Garments and accessories that tend to be more associated with sports and a hike in the countryside are seamlessly combined with classic everyday garments. The result is a casual-chic twist on what TikTok slang would call “gorpcore.” A practical and casual jacket or shoes go perfectly with the office outfit.

Casual and tailored

Photo: Hypebeast

Men’s fashion appears to be shifting more towards traditional looks this season. The classic clean cut and more tailored look is seen both on the runway and in street fashion – ideally combined with elements that contrast the look.

A great tailored suit paired with more relaxed accessories, such as a baseball cap, results in an interesting balance between classic and casual.


Foto: Hypebeast

The last few seasons have been awash with calm, relaxed tones, minimalist looks and monochrome outfits. The clean cut and typically toned down Scandinavian design have dominated looks, and continue in part this season in the more tailored trend.

However, we appear to be entering a new era. Perhaps as a kind of counter-reaction to the monochrome and minimalist styles, men’s fashion is showing an increasing amount of large, intense graphic patterns and prints that stand out from the crowd. There really is plenty of room to be playful, both on the runway and in street fashion.

Three key trends for women

Foto: Elle/Getty

Women’s fashion also revealed several clear trend patterns. Here are the three that really stood out.

Eclectic, Nordic maximalism

The Danish variant of the “Scandi” style image is probably not as downbeat and minimalist as the term “Scandinavian design” is often associated with — especially with Ganni on the scene and its colourful profile. Ganni has always been a regular fixture at Copenhagen Fashion Week, but this season they chose to step aside to let other and newer talents shine.

It therefore feels fitting that a more eclectic and playful vibe is spreading on the fashion scene this season. Graphic patterns, animal prints and fresh colours meet an otherwise chic and stylish look — a fresh pick-and-mix of elements and styles.

Skirts, skirts, skirts

Foto: nssmag

Long, heavy, light – the skirt has clearly secured its place in this season’s fashion scene. In particular, we saw several outfits using layers in the form of skirts over trousers, which is a gentle nod to the 2000s. Mostly straight, airy and long, the skirts bring something new to the outfit by adding an eclectic and interesting vibe through colour, texture or shape.

Play with textures and silhouettes

Foto: Christian Vierig/Hello Fashion/Getty

After taking the entire fashion world by storm during Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture SS24, it would be impossible not to mention Maison Margiela with John Galliano in the lead. Here we saw an artistic and almost cinematic exploration of eras, flowing fabrics and gender expressions.

The trend to play around with more-than-natural silhouettes and curves is also clearly visible in ready-to-wear and streetstyle. Balloon-shaped skirts, puffed sleeves and unexpected draperies added a slight hint of avant-garde to this year’s trend scene. And faux fur is definitely here stay, and can be seen in a variety of roles, both to add volume and as a statement coat.