Don’t invite your shop to your Christmas dinner

Dear members and friends of Texcon!

At this time, in the heat of the run-up to Christmas, as you’re getting ready to celebrate Christmas with those closest to you, I’ll allow myself to share a few thoughts about work-life balance – the balance between family and the job.

Professor YoungAh Park at the University of Kansas studies this subject. She emphasises the importance of fully disconnecting and says that this is crucial for preventing burnout. Park also notes that disconnecting doesn’t mean that you care any less about your job or that you achieve less. Quite the opposite, giving yourself the time to rest and recover your energy leads to increased creativity, renewed focus, and a strengthened ability to face your work tasks with vitality and a fresh face.

I think a lot of people at Texcon struggle with this simply because they run a family business. Such businesses make up a considerable part of the Norwegian economy, and research shows that these businesses are often more profitable. Family businesses have a unique dynamic that places a heavy emphasis on trust, motivation, and effort.​. Ownership, management, and leadership are often densely interconnected, which can be both a strength and a challenge. It can be difficult to clearly separate between work and leisure time.

So, dear friends and members of the Texcon family, when Christmas Day finally dawns and the Christmas specials start airing on TV, have yourself a well-earned break! Leaving your “family member”, the shop, behind at work while you celebrate Christmas with your loved ones isn’t just a nice gesture. It’s also a scientifically supported necessity for your own wellbeing. It’s a gift not only to yourself, but to your professional life as well.

I wish you all a warm and relaxing holiday period.