Five Trends for Women – Autumn and Winter 2023/24

Central among next season’s female fashion trends will be experimental knits and bouncy patterns in combination with dreamy pastels and pinks, but also tones of brown and deep shades of emerald green.

Text: Chili Media Photo: Imaxtree og suppliers

In autumn and winter 2023/24, fashion will seek above all to provide solace and comfort in uncertain times. Many trends will feature pleasing colours that can have a calming effect on us, as well as shades and tones that boost our mood and our sense of optimism. At the same time, fashion will also take a turn towards the experimental and the challenging as we look ahead towards unknown and exciting horizons.  

Here we present five AW23/24 trends for women.

Serenely Subdued

Max Mara

Picture a cold winter’s morning with a bright, blue sky, crisp, fresh air and a soft sun shining over snow-capped trees. A true winter wonderland. In AW23/24, cold and light colours such as light grey, light blue, light beige, soft green, light orange and brown will be central, all in pastel tones alongside patterns like classic check. According to trend studio Italtex, knits, laces and fleece will all be particularly prevalent, as will soft and exquisite alpaca and mohair fabrics. In terms of colour, sage leaf green will be a core colour according to WGSN and Coloro. Because as our lives and the world continue to grow more complex, consumers will become sensitive to overstimulation and look to spaces and colours that reduce anxiety and stress. Sage leaf is great for achieving just that. It is a calming and soothing shade of green which stands for peace, reflection and contemplation. Key garments will include tops such as blouses, cardigans and sweaters, but also blazers with matching trousers and skirts for the party season.

Think Pink

Mos Mosh

Pink is usually a reserve of spring and summer fashions, but this time around, it will be in autumn and winter that we really embrace this feminine colour. Think light pink tones such as pale and pastel pink, not just bolder tones like hot pink. We will also be seeing a lot of soft off-whites and light lavenders, especially on autumnal materials and patterns like herringbone, cableknits, tweed and brocade, possibly even accented with a little light grey, according to Italtex. Meanwhile, WGSN and Coloro predict that a bright pink will also be important in Autumn 23/24, as the metaverse and the digital world continue to play an even greater part in our lives. Digital lavender is also set to become a popular colour, taking over from very peri, which was the Pantone colour of the year for 2022. In contrast to this bold tone, digital lavender is a more comforting pastel shade which stands for peace and calm. Lavender symbolises stability, purity and digital escapism – exactly what we are looking for right now. What’s more, it is a gender-neutral colour, comprising both a softness that suggests femininity and a blueness that gives it edge. Fondant pink, on the other hand, is a more pigmented pastel pink which is both relaxed and youthful, and a great match for lavender shades. It can help us to de-stress and slow down time, making it one of the most important colours for 2024.

Radiant Jewels

Victoria Beckham

Adorning one’s self in luxurious colours like emerald green and shock pink at Christmas and New Year’s is hardly new. So why not let the entire autumn and winter season sparkle and shine with all the best colours of your jewellery box? According to Italtex, emerald green and other bold and bedazzling colours like deep blues and radiant greens will be at the heart of AW23/24. Preferably in combination with neutral colours like black. Meanwhile, the vibrant colour cyber lime will be another key tone, according to WGSN. Colours are important in keeping consumers upbeat and giving them a more cheerful mindset. This trend is both a synthetic and realistic representation of our world today, binding us more closely together with our increasingly virtual lives. Both body and mind will draw energy and stimulation from this green and zesty colour that borders on neon. It is a colour which symbolises the relationship between nature and technology, and it will appear above all on blouses and tops.

Experimental Knits

Ralph Lauren

Knitwear is hardly an unexpected trend for autumn and winter. It is practically a means of survival in the biting winter cold. So it is refreshing to see that designers and fashion brands are now looking at ways to spice up this seasonal staple. After all, there is so much that can be done with knitwear. According to Italtex, AW23/24 will see the humble knitted jumper get a makeover, with eye-catching colours such as magenta and shock pink, orange, deep purple, green, black and white, and a particular focus on the houndstooth pattern. We will also see traditional and timeless materials such as tweed appearing in bouncy and multi-coloured fabrics for a modern look, as well as colour blocking and digital colours in patterns such as stripes and checks. Plus, a hint of bold Mexican prints on neutral colours such as black. According to Modacable, the chunky knitted jumper will be the top item of the season, boasting both high and round necks, as well as a revitalised look characterised by decorative and experimental knits and pleats.

Mocha Master

Stella McCartney

No autumn would be complete without browns. According to Italtex, this season will see lots of lovely, intense and thoroughly autumnal browns such as chocolate, mocha and burnt orange, as well as deep reds and beiges, preferably in combination with checks, tweeds and organic patterns. Especially on warming materials such as wool. Nutshell brown will also be a key colour, according to WGSN. This is a warm and comforting colour which is both rich and spicy. It reflects a growing fondness for nostalgia among consumers who are bringing back styles and colours with a retro vibe, preferring the sustainable over the new and mass-produced. The popularity of second-hand and vintage products is on the rise and reflected in this trend. And so timeless designs and items in retro colours will be central, but so, too, will the colour astro dust. This is a muted mid-tone red bordering on rust, inspired by the colours of our universe. As commercial spaceflights and so-called space tourism gradually become a reality, this is a deep and mineral tone that draws our thoughts to the dusty red surface of Mars, embracing our need to discover that which is new, desolate and pristine.