How much are international trends matching up to the trends we’re seeing in the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets?

Which trends predicted for SS24 are actually happening? And how are the trends being received by Norwegians and other trendsetters in the Nordics and Scandinavia? We gauge what’s going on in stores and fashion right now.

By: Chili Media

The trend scene has probably never been as saturated as it is today. While you might see one trend in street fashion, you’ll see something entirely different on the runway, and something else again on TikTok or other social media.

Predicting future trends is a fine art. The big source of inspiration usually comes from the international fashion weeks – on the runway, outside the premises and digitally, but how well do these trends match what we’re seeing in the Scandinavian, Nordic and Norwegian markets?

Let’s take a look at the trend reports for the spring 2024 season and see how they compare to what is actually happening in fashion and stores right now.


For men’s fashion, the predictions were comfortable suits, white and airy fabrics such as linen, silk and cotton, candy floss trends, the denim craze and “excellent in the extreme” outerwear, which would put the outerwear jacket in the spotlight as the season moved from snow to sun.

Big Suit Energy

In 2024, we are seeing a general move towards the classically office-friendly suit, but with a twist; instead of a strict shape, the suit should feel and look comfortable and have a loose cut. Although it’s more relaxed in cut and shape, it’s still a suit that oozes confidence and professionalism at work.

This prediction is also evident now that the season is here, and the trend fits in well with a year that is all about achieving the perfect balance between functionality and comfort without sacrificing professional appearance.

White, White, Baby!

The trend report told us how the streets of Oslo were filled with men dressed in shades of white – so much so that when Robbie Williams visited Norway last summer, he joked about it on his Instagram account and highlighted how a surprising number of people were wearing almost identical all-white, monochrome outfits.

The prediction for 2024 had us believe that were Robbie to travel to Norway again, he would probably see the same trend. We can certainly get behind this.

Comfortable, summer-friendly fabrics such as linen, lightweight cotton and silk are perfect for warmer weather, and everything from white to soft beige shades make summer dressing simple and stylish this season. And this trend is more than happy to be combined with the next trend we’re looking at here.

Candy floss and colour focus

Candy floss and colour were predicted to become a current trend for men, complete with more sugary pink tones and a dusky palette that would mirror the barbiecore trend in women’s fashion. The convergence of men’s and women’s fashion is not particularly surprising, but is this trend as ostentatious as it was first predicted to be? This trend appears to be more subtle in the Norwegian market than first anticipated, although several interpretations of it are still evident.

And yet, the trend towards light, subtle tones is definitely present, so perhaps it’s a case of redefining it as more of the ice cream palette trend, which includes pale pinks and other pastel colours.

Another colour trend that deserves a mention is blue! In line with the more nautical and maritime vibe, more shades of blue are cropping up in the trend scene, from soft light blues to navy blue and vibrant Yves Klein blue on everything from shirts to trousers, blazers and accessories.

Denim Frenzy

Denim never goes out of fashion. A really good pair of jeans is a timeless wardrobe choice that can easily be styled to fit in with almost any trend. Now that we’re seeing a market dominated by influences from several periods such as the 90s/2000s and the 1960s, there’s no doubt that denim is holding up well.

Play around with different cuts, washes and garments – and don’t be afraid to go denim-on-denim in true 2000s style. The phrase “less-is-more” is out in 2024, especially when it comes to denim.

Excellent in the extreme

The trend report also covered outerwear, especially the outer jacket. Here, the focus was on both elegance and technicality We expected to see the classic trench coat, the oversized blazer and the simple but functional and technical rain and wind jackets in a stylish design.

This is more or less what we’re seeing now, but we’re also seeing technical jackets with a look that nods to hiking gear – and preferably in combination!