Male fashion profiles you should follow on Instagram

Need a wardrobe refresh and some new inspiration? Then follow these accounts! We’ve handpicked who we believe to be some of the most talented male fashion icons on social media today. From classic to groundbreaking, ready-to-wear to casual – this is where it’s at!

By: Chili Media

There is a huge range of female influencers and fashion profiles on social media – but where are the men?

Perhaps the most famous profile is David Gandy, who has gradually become a true fashion icon. The British model inspires his million+ followers on Instagram daily with complete outfits and his British suburban style.

But there are plenty more fashion profiles out there who are guaranteed to inspire those with a keen eye for men’s fashion.

Here’s our pick of who to follow for fashion inspiration on social media.

Ben Brewster – @benbrewster

Ben Brewster is a New York-based content creator and founder of men’s fashion magazine The Cuff.

Ben is the very essence of the word “dapper”. You’ll get plenty of inspiration here, whether the occasion is a wedding, summer party, Christmas party or just an extra elegant look at work. The style is classic and smart, with an emphasis on ready-to-wear.

Earthy tones are a big part of the look, shot through with tweed. He does occasionally post slightly more colourful shades and fun outfits, including seasonal knitwear and patterned shirts.

The account to follow: @benbrewster

Olaf Hernandez – @casoperdido

Innovative, ultra fresh and colourful! Olaf Hernandez is from Ibiza, but lives in London. This is a man with fashion at his fingertips. He is constantly playing around with combinations in colours, patterns, materials, accessories and styles, and the results are both fun and utterly inspiring!

Hernandez loves to stand out and often tries out the very latest trends. He has a special love of bright colours – even the traditionally more feminine shades, not to mention his most essential accessories: cool sunglasses, shoes and men’s bags.

The account to follow: @casoperdido

Christer Nordnes – @christernordnes

Yes, there are plenty of Norwegians who are stylish too, and one of them is Christer Nordnes! He is based in Bergen and is a web developer for Sbanken, but with an above-average interest in clothing, styling, panache and men’s fashion.

His style draws particular inspiration from Italy and England, where the combo of white shirts and shades of brown is a signature outfit. You’ll find plenty of inspiring and classic outfits here, often with a touch of streetwear, not to mention countless excellent fashion tips.

The account to follow: @christernordnes

Leo Mandella – @gullyguyleo

Hip is the word that probably best describes British influencer and YouTuber Leo Mandella. He is only 21 years old, but has more than 700,000 followers on Instagram whom he inspires daily with outfits that are colourful, personal and fun. If you need some fresh fashion inspiration, you’ll definitely find it here.

Attire and style vary greatly depending on Mandella’s mood, and he’s both creative and bold with his combinations and looks – whether matching a Burberry jacket and shorts with loafers and tennis socks, or a varsity jacket with a Gucci bag.

The account to follow: @gullyguyleo

Moe Osman – @hellacreps

Another account that is also best described as colourful, fresh and lively is @hellacreps, or Moe Osman as is his real name. He is a content producer and influencer based in London, with a particular love of trainers.

But trainers are far from the only thing that inspire his account. Streetwear, vintage, high-end and luxury brand names are put together in all manner of stunning combinations. He’s also often seen wearing the latest fashion trends, but in a far more relaxing style than many others.

The account to follow: @hellacreps

Okan Arslan – @mr.okn

Back to the classic, dapper and high-level ready-to-wear. Okan Arslan is based in Vienna and works in marketing for Mr & Mrs Media. But with close to 300,000 followers on Instagram, it would be fair to describe him as a major influencer.

A key part of his profile and style is the “dress for success” concept, as reflected in his love of tailoring and ready-to-wear clothing. Single-breasted, double-breasted, pinstripe, tweed, button-down, button- under and cut away – with and without his own twists. If part of your wardrobe includes ready-to wear items, you’ll find LOTS of inspiration and styling tips here.

Account to follow: @mr.okn

Justin Livingston – @justinliv

This is truly innovative, unique and awesome. Justin Livingston is a New Yorker and the writer behind the blog Scout Sixteen. He is always playing around with all sorts of elements from the fashion world, turning them into the most amazing combinations and outfits. This is both innovative and groundbreaking!

And he’s really on to something – because fashion is actually about individuality and expressing yourself. Livingston refers to himself as a punk, and often plays around with unusual combinations that magically become a hit. This is a guy who really has fashion, style and fashion in his blood.

The account to follow: @justinliv