Style interview with Andrea Sveinsdottir: “Norwegians don’t make an effort to dress well in everyday life”

Fashion profile Andrea Sveinsdottir on her love of dresses, her top tips when it comes to shoes, sustainable fashion and her take on the Y2K trend.

By: Chilli Media Photo: Instagram/@andreasveinsdottir

A quick scroll on Andrea Sveinsdottir’s Instagram and you’re instantly inspired for incredible weekend getaways, colourful fashion, stylish interiors and tasty food experiences. We had a chat with the 28-year-old about her favourite pieces, her “must have” accessories and what she thinks EVERYONE should have in their wardrobe.

Romantic summer style – minimalist winter fashion

With a job as SoMe manager at You&I and Love Lolita, it’s no wonder that Andrea is good at style inspiration to her nearly 60,000 followers. And just as the different seasons vary in colour, Andrea’s style varies according to changes in the weather.

“In winter and autumn I’m really minimalist and I like to dress in suit trousers, tweed jackets and simple garments, but ideally with something a little extra like a pearl collar. In summer, my style leans towards the cute and romantic, preferably with colours, floral prints and lace,” says Andrea.

She says that she usually picks out one main element, which she then builds the outfit up around.

In winter, Andrea often wears tweed jackets and simple, minimalist garments.
Photo: Instagram/@andreasveinsdottir

“In summer, it’s usually a dress that’s the main element, and from that I choose the appropriate accessories.

It all depends on the occasion and what is suitable. Another of Andrea’s styling tips is to feel 100% comfortable with what you’re wearing.

“It may sound like a big cliché, but it’s so true. In theory, I can put on an outfit I really like, but if I don’t feel good in that outfit, I can’t wear it with pride and then I lose myself in it,” she explains.

What’s your favourite garment?

“I love dresses! My wardrobe is probably 80% dresses, the rest is a mix of basics, like trousers, T-shirts and jumpers. I have a dress from Zimmermann that I was lucky enough to get hold of at Tise. It reigns supreme on my list of favourite dresses. It’s very special and stands out,” she says.

And what accessories can’t you do without?

“A cute bag really does a lot for an outfit.

Andrea has a variety of bags that she uses to dress up her outfits.
Photo: Instagram/@andreasveinsdottir

Comfort trumps everything

for smarter occasions, she still has a top tip for us.

“Comfort trumps all when it comes to footwear, so I often walk around in trainers.  But for special occasions, I always carry a nice pair of sandals or heels in my bag that I change into.

Cotton and linen are some of her favourite fabrics as summer approaches. 

“In the summer heat, linen is incredibly Although Andrea loves high heels, you’ll often see her in trainers for just about anything. But comfortable to walk around in. Plus, I’m a sucker for any pink dress and I love my floral print and white lace dress.

White lace dresses and linen garments are her summer favourites.
Photo: Instagram/@andreasveinsdottir

What are your tips for combining colours, patterns or materials?

“Personally, I like to keep it relatively simple, and not mix too many patterns. If I have a garment or accessory with a lot of pattern, I’ll pick outfits in a solid colour. It allows the pattern to pop out more. Colours, on the other hand, can be fun to mix up. Right now I’m very fond of bright pink and orange together. So fresh!

Wow dress and mad for Tise

We all have our key pieces, and for Andrea’s part, a linen dress is an absolute must-have in her wardrobe. Not only can you wear it for almost any occasion, but you can also style it up or down with accessories. With trainers and a tote bag for a day outfit, sandals and straw bag for the beach, and for the summer party, pair it with heels, clutch and jewellery!

“I also like wearing basic garments such as black suit trousers, pale linen trousers, a white and black basic T-shirt and black linen shorts. When it comes to accessories, you can go a long way with a black handbag, a black belt with a nice belt buckle and black strappy heels. 

And there’s also one thing EVERYONE should have in their wardrobe room, says Andrea.

“A ‘wow’ dress! That dress you bring out when you feel really good and want to shine! Here I think you should go for what you like, but personally I would go for a dress with puff sleeves and a bold colour!” 

How do you feel about sustainable fashion?

“I’ve switched to buying a lot more second-hand items! I often use my Tise app, such as for storing wish lists like I used to do with online stores. If I see something in a store or on Instagram that I want, I always check out if I can get hold of it on Tise first. It’s often cheaper, and I’ve only ever had positive experiences of buying from there.

I do shop in regular stores as well, but I try to buy as little fast fashion as possible and instead buy more expensive garments that are produced in a better way and often last longer. Unfortunately, there’s still some fast fashion, but to a much lesser extent than before,” she explains.

And what about impulse buys – have there been any over the years?

“I rarely do impulse buys, but I did go all out on a beige vintage Chanel bag I thought would go with everything. I’ve never actually been able to use it, and had to resell it. 

Norwegians don’t make an effort to dress well in everyday life

With series like “And just like that”, Andrea hopes that Norwegians will open their eyes to dressing a bit better in everyday life.

“I wear jeans and a T-shirt a lot, but I want to see more colours, patterns and lace in my average day! Especially now that it’s summer. So I’m hoping Carrie comes up with some gorgeous outfits in the next season of ‘And Just Like That,’ which gives us all a little kick in the backside when it comes to dressing up a little more day to day, and the courage to stand out,” says Andrea.

Andrea herself often buys her clothes at You&I, while her online store favourites are Net-A-Porter and 24s.

What trends do you think we’ll be done with soon?

“I HOPE and cross my fingers that the Y2K trend will soon be over. Low waist, crop tops and slimline, fast glasses we really don’t want to keep that going!