Untold Stories – a timless and exclusive addition to your wardrobe

Get to know the newest supplier in the Texcon community. A Norwegian brand with timeless and inspiring garments created in Oslo, inspired by the Scandinavian way of life.

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Get to know Untold Stories – the Norwegian and timeless brand created by Espen and Anne Børresen, and the newest addition to Texcon’s collaborating suppliers.

– Everything we do, we do with heart. We always try to make the best choices at all levels, offering a solid brand with good qualities at competitive prices. Our collections aim for commercial success, but the garments must be playful and contain surprising details, says Anne Børresen, owner and founder of Untold Stories.

Anne and Espen have always had the will to create, and it may seem that entrepreneurship is in their blood. They founded A Fashion Agency first, but their big dreams and a strong desire to create a brand of their own led to the birth of Untold Stories.

“The branding process takes a long time, but the first products hit the stores in Norway in the autumn of 2017,” Børresen said.

Untold Stories is currently represented in Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

We started Untold Stories as a couple. The support team grew as the brand developed over time. We are delighted that today the team feels like a family – the people in the office, the suppliers and our great retailers around Norway and Europe. Without them, the dream would not have been possible,” she said.

An exclusive addition to your wardrobe

A strong part of the Untold Stories identity is in the details. The inspiring details are tailored to create an effortless yet stylish expression in everyday life.

Who is the main target group for Untold Stories?

“Self-confidence is a good word. When talking about target groups, one often lets age get in the way, but we don’t like to talk about age. We prefer to target people with the confidence to make their own choices, where playfulness is in focus. Girls and women who dare to be themselves and who like to play with their own style,” Børresen explained.

What makes it the preferred choice among customers and retailers?

“Untold Stories takes a commercial approach, without compromising quality or expression. The garments are easy to understand and easy to like for the customer, but still feel like an exclusive addition to the wardrobe,” says Siri Gabrielsen, Product Manager for Untold Stories.

“The brand was created with a timeless approach. This means that the garments are not locked into a season, but can be worn and styled regardless of the season and where in the world you are,” she explained.

Inspired by the Scandinavian way of life, the clothes are created with a relaxed mix-it-up attitude, which encourages wearing the things that make you happy.

Must haves: powersuit and knits in matching sets

With the new supplier partnership through Texcon, Untold Stories hopes to connect with more store owners who have a desire to be the market leader in their district.

“With Texcon behind us, our partners can help to promote Norwegian brands in the industry in a profitable and safe way, and strengthen the position of Norwegian fashion in the market,” Gabrielsen said.

Which garments have so far sold well and which products do you believe in for the future?

“Dresses have been a strong category from the very beginning, but I must also highlight our knitted-wear program. Florie Zip Knit Here from our Italian manufacturer is a particular winner here. Most people who are familiar with Untold Stories know what Florie is, and own one, two or more colours,” Børresen said.

For the future, she especially believes in the powersuit and knits in matching sets.

“The Powersuit is here to stay. It serves as a base in the wardrobe and can be used for most occasions. In addition to the classic suit, I believe in knits in matching sets. Both of these allow you to play around and create different outfits using just a few garments,” she concluded.