Upcoming trends for women: Here’s what the trends look like in the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets

How much are international trends matching up to the trends we’re seeing in the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets? Let’s take a comparative look at the trend reports for the 2024 spring season and see what’s actually going on in stores and fashion.

By: Chili Media

The trend scene has probably never been as saturated as it is today. While you might see one trend in street fashion, you’ll see something entirely different on the runway, and something else again on TikTok or other social media.

Predicting future trends is a fine art. The big source of inspiration usually comes from the international fashion weeks – on the runway, outside the premises and digitally, but how well do these trends match what we’re seeing in the Scandinavian, Nordic and Norwegian markets?

Let’s take a look at the trend reports for the spring 2024 season and see how they compare to what is actually happening in fashion and stores right now.


The women’s trends for spring and summer 2024 paid particular attention to: checks, sophisticated elegance, “barbiecore,” metallic and colourful touches, as well as sugary ice cream pastels.

Here’s what we expect the trends to look like in the coming season.

Childish checks and general pattern trend

It’s no secret that us Scandinavians tend to lean towards a more subtle and minimalist style, but recent seasons have seen us drawn to looks that are more eclectic, playful and nostalgic. And checks are definitely taking root in the Norwegian market.

Several stores are already displaying the more classic checks, with variations of both houndstooth and other types. But this pattern trend may not be travelling entirely solo; Both stripes and polka dots – yes, even animal prints, are dominating the fashion scene as the snow melts.

Neutral basics remain wardrobe staples, but now with the added incentive to jazz up your outfit with flashy patterns! It’s time to play around with stripes that have a nautical feel, school-style tartan skirts and flashy prints.

Sophisticated elegance and the little black number

As in 2023, the prediction was that the summer dress didn’t need to be a summery colour. A black, elegant dress is just as suitable for the garden party as it is in autumn, and this trend is making a comeback this season, perhaps to offset the more eclectic and colourful trends.

There’s no doubt, however, that eclecticism is dominating the general fashion scene over the classically sophisticated look, although playing with a combination of the two is perfect for this season.

Sophisticated elegance is also clearly evident in the accessory trends, where the silk scarf plays a starring role. This is a trend that can be worn in countless ways; Tie it around your neck for the Parisian Chic/Yacht Club look, as the finishing touch on the handle of your handbag, or around your head a la old Hollywood movie.

“Barbiecore” and “Girly pop”

This trend had its biggest boom last summer, when Greta Gerwig’s big Barbie movie hit the screens. Still, there’s no reason to pack away the pink just yet. Barbiecore is about more than just barbiepink. Fondant Pink is a key colour this year, as are other shades. Expect to see added tassels and more synthetic varieties everywhere throughout the year and season.

A sugary and “Girly pop” look that may be a nod to the manic pixie dream girl aesthetic and 1960s vibe, and which allows for plenty of playfulness in all types of wardrobes. Cute pink tones can be seen on everything from dresses to blazers and accessories – often also as complete monochrome head-to-toe outfits.

Metallic Rainbow

Colour is clearly an important keyword this season. One of the most intriguing trends that is also a distinct reality is Metallic Rainbow. Bold, intense colours are on the menu and have also been seen by Mare di Moda as a form of “Escapism”.

The use of neon and synthetic bright colours reflects the digital vibe and the hyper-real expression often seen in the gaming world, and serves as an outlet to dream yourself away from the grey humdrum of daily life through your wardrobe choices.

High-gloss textiles add the finishing touch to a synthetic, hyper-real colour dream. This trend is perfect for full-body outfits, or with minimalist and toned-down basic garments to add an interesting and playful pop-of-colour effect to your overall look.

Sugary ice cream palettes

This trend is undeniably perfect for kickstarting that spring feeling! Dopamine dressing trended as a concept just over a year ago, and with this concept in mind, hand-in-hand with the Barbiecore trend and Metallic Rainbow, it’s no surprise that fashion is being freshened up by cute and playful tones.

Sweet, subtle and comfortable pastels have dominated trends for a while now, and are set to continue in SS24. Another “trend prediction” that we see matching up to reality.