Friendship for Growth and Support

Texcon is a close-knit community. Texcon members are friends who get together to help and support each other.

Unique Stores

Texcon members have different interests, abilities, and ambitions, but we collaborate by strengthening our market position and helping each other grow. In Texcon, you’ll be a part of a social network which helps you develop. You meet members from all regions of Norway, with different stories and experiences. You make friends and you get to challenge yourself and your own growth, by talking with people you know well.

Cooperation with Suppliers

Many suppliers regard Texcon as their most important partner. As a Texcon member, you will see how we work closely with suppliers, and how we share knowledge, build relationships, and learn from each other.

Increased Insight

A strategic core area for Texcon is digital collaboration. Our aim for the next few years is to contribute to more efficient processes and increasing insight and profitability with the help of digitalisation. Among other things, this will lead to working even more closely with suppliers.

A Social Meeting Place

Texcon is characterised by successful cooperation and strong social relations. We create compelling arenas where our members can get involved, and they get involved because they’ve seen for themselves how being a part of Texcon makes their own stores better and stronger.