More Brands, Fewer Chains

Texcon has agreements with more than a hundred suppliers. This is testament to our attractiveness as a group. At Texcon, we are passionate about making it easier for our members to run their own unique and competitive fashion stores.

The Brands You Need to Compete

The Texcon collaboration is founded on the idea that the best way to compete is to have local stores owned by local owners. Some of our members focus on children’s fashion, others on classic men’s fashion. Many of our members specialise in high-end fashion for women and others on offering low prices. No matter what your focus is, Texcon makes you a stronger competitor in your local market.

Better Purchasing with the Latest Trend Reports

Twice a year, before the purchasing season starts, Texcon prepares “Tendenser”. These are insightful and inspiring trend reports, which give you first-hand insight and first-class guidelines when deciding which products to buy. “Tendenser” cover both men’s and women’s fashion.

More and More Suppliers Want to Join Our Ranks

Texcon is thriving and we’re finding that we are becoming more attractive to the well-established brands as well as the up-and-coming brands that are increasing their market shares. Suppliers are taking note of the successes of Texcon members, and consumers are hungry for stores that bring something different to the table. Texcon is also attracting more suppliers because collaborating with us increases their efficiency and profits.

Here you can access the list of brands that Texcon has agreements with.

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